Nets are fabrics where gaps are left between fibres to create open spaces, like a grid. This is achieved by having broader intersections in the yarns and has been a technique used in textiles for thousands of years. Nets can vary greatly in shape, size and usage, largely depending on the material used. The gaps have the benefit of making netting much lighter than tightly woven fabric, but if they are not correctly stored, nets may easily become tangled, allow air through and or even face reduced durability. Netting has some aesthetic merit in clothing and has many practical uses, such as a trawler’s net, which catches fish while letting water through. Wholesale nets for use in vehicles are widely available from specific automotive suppliers or nets manufacturer on

Nets are used in a broad range of industries from manufacturing to fashion, making a nets manufacturer a valuable business partner. The fashion world uses nets in lightweight clothing, as it allows air circulation. Nets are also used in accessories, such as backpacks, as they can make pockets without adding too much weight. This makes a demand for nets wholesale, especially nets made with elastic.

The industrial world uses nets for other purposes, like packaging or as a safety precaution. A nets manufacturer may produce these from specialist fabrics, for added durability, or coat them with plastic to make them waterproof. Fine netting is used in bandages as a gentle wrap which allows some air to reach the wound. They also make a good protective cover, keeping insects out of rooms or camps without obscuring the light. Buyers of nets wholesale can cater to all these needs. Nets may sell well with other industrial textiles like canvas covers and automotive textiles.

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