Seals & Fiber-Reinforced Sealing Compounds

An industrial seal is a device that joins two components with the aim of preventing leakage or protecting adjoining surfaces. A typical seal manufacturer produces a large variety of seal types including those classified by shape, such as an O-ring. Others are categorised by function, such as an inflatable seal; or by materials to be sealed, such as a glass-to-metal seal. The technical and industrial textile seal manufacturer specializes in fiber-reinforced sealing compounds typically used in the construction industry. The introduction of fiber into the material adds a property not available in the homogeneous material. For example, fabric covered rubber has the flexibility of rubber and the anti-extrusion characteristic of fabric. Suppliers of these and other seals are accessible via

Gaskets provided by a seal producer are designed to prevent leakage between materials under pressure and are adaptable to sealing uneven surfaces. Fiberglass and silica cloth gaskets have wide heat resistant applications and can be used to seal ovens and furnaces. Teflon tape is used in the sealing of pipe threads in heating systems or pressurized water systems to provide a heat resistant and water proof seal.

Fiber-reinforced compounds are found in the road construction industry and act as sealants on pavement surfaces. A newly laid pavement can exhibit surface cracking that reflects the underlying substrate. A fabric reinforced pavement sealant provides a membrane that fills in cracks caused by underlying material or environmental conditions, and to waterproof the surface. Pavement sealants prolong the life of the pavement and are a cost-effective alternative to completely refinishing a road surface.

Seals and sealing compounds have considerable value in industrial settings as they provide tough fluid proof seals between moving and stationary machine parts or pavement components. As the research and development of technical textiles continues, the modern seal manufacturer is continually working with new applications and materials. A seal supplier and seal dealer can identify the latest fiber-reinforced seals at

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