Technical Fabrics

The role of technical fabric is first and foremost a functional one. A major player across an impressively diverse list of industries, the development and evolution of technologies, such as nanotechnology, has ensured continued market growth. Technical fabric manufacturers on produce an innovative and varied array of functional textiles whose purpose is to prevent, protect and strengthen.

Agrotechnical textiles, or agro textiles, protect crops, manage ground water and perform many other vital agricultural duties. They include biodegradable textiles and those manufactured from renewable resources. Geotextiles and erosion protection textiles make an important contribution to civil engineering, the construction of ground and drainage systems, roads, waste disposal and any other projects that require separation, filtration, reinforcement, protection and drainage. Construction textiles also provide reinforcement, in this case to concrete and other fibre-based materials. Other applications include insulation, noise prevention and building safety.

Cars, buses, trains, aircraft and shipping all rely on automotive textiles to varying degrees of visibility. Technical fabric manufacturers use high tenacity yarns in materials such as polyester and nylon to create fabrics of exceptional strength suitable for lifting textiles, conveyor belts, tarpaulins, grinding technology and other heavy industrial applications.

High performance medical textiles for dressings, bandages, surgical and protective wear possess unique hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Hospital mattresses and bedding, orthopaedic supports, laundry bags and seating all require the invaluable assistance of technical fabric. From factory workers to firemen, the purpose of protective textiles is to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace, with providing a business portal for connecting with technical fabrics suppliers in whatever industry needed. In addition to hazards such as chemicals and fire, the addition of high visibility fabrics for safety garments is a significant advantage.

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