Technical Fibers

Technical fiber is a category of fibers whose primary design criteria is defined by the function it will perform once made. For example, fiber that will be used in making a parachute will be designed to make good parachute material above all other aspects, including look and feel. This differs from standard fibers such as those used in standard clothing, where the ultimate look and feel of the clothes is arguably as important as the technical aspects. Though in the example of the parachute, the ability of the technical fiber to perform the intended task is of paramount importance, other technical fibers have more of a balance to strike with cost effectiveness. A good example of this is insulation materials typically used in the construction of a house. In such cases, the materials - and thus the technical fiber in them - is chosen based on settling on an acceptable compromise between the effectiveness of the insulation and the cost. With any given insulation, a more effective product may be available, but the extra cost may be deemed too much when the current insulation can do a good enough job. can be used to identify a suitable supplier.

Some examples of technical fibers where the intended use is the overriding design force include safety clothing, sound-proofing, thermal insulation in automotive applications, and any other technical textile. Though it's easy to think of fibers in terms of fabric, or clothing, technical fibers can also refer to more solid applications, such as glass or thermoplastics. One obvious example of a solid fiber-based product is that of carbon-fiber, often used in the automotive industry. Industries such as this constantly change as new methods and technologies emerge. can help traders stay informed with access to all the latest developments.

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