Staple Fibers

The term staple fiber refers to short-length fibers that are twisted together to make yarn. Most staple fibers are natural, such as wool, hemp, raw cotton, and flax, but short fibers can also be synthetic. Synthetic staple fibers are cut in specific lengths from a continuous filament. All staple fibers can be pre-coloured or dyed and are easy to launder, as well as being available from suppliers at

Nylon staple fibers are abrasion resistant, oil and chemical resistant, and have low moisture absorbency. With respect to protective textiles for clothing, nylon staple fibers create a fabric that is strong, elastic, light, and warm. Nylon staple fibers are also a good choice for the manufacture of hoses, tire cord, parachutes, tarpaulins, tents, ropes and nets.

Modern technological development has created a new array of hazardous occupations and environments. A major product line of the staple fiber manufacturer is to supply fibers to be turned into protective clothing for, amongst others, health care workers and workers in the chemical, radiation, and mechanical industries. Synthesized polybenzimidazole (PBI) was developed in the aerospace industry out of the need for garments with an exceptional thermal stability. PBI has since gone on to be used as an outer shell of clothing for emergency response teams, firefighters, and soldiers.

The staple fiber manufacturer also prepares wool to be used in protective textiles. Wool is naturally crimped, which means that it is easily turned into fabric, and is naturally flame resistant. Wool will ignite at a higher temperature than other natural fibers and, therefore, a fire will spread at a slower pace and is self-extinguishing. In addition, less toxic gas is produced. All of these properties make wool fibers a safe product for the manufacture of upholstery and carpeting for commercial aeroplanes and trains.

The staple fiber manufacturer supplies a number of industries involved in the production of protective textiles. provides buyers and traders of staple fibers the opportunity to review the latest products direct from the supplier.

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