Technical Woven Fabrics

Technical woven fabrics combine the innovative field of technical textiles with the traditional craft of weaving to produce state-of-the-art fabrics that are tailored to meet a range of specific end-use applications. The style and appearance of a technical textile is secondary, rather, it is created to fulfil a defined function and is used in markets such as agriculture, construction, civil engineering and protective clothing. Keeping pace with the developments in technical fabrics, innovations in weaving have resulted in modern machinery able to meet the design requirements of the new materials. showcases technical fabrics tailored for buyers and suppliers of varied business sectors to meet the growing demands of a global market.

Agriculture uses technical woven fabrics to assist with growing, harvesting and transporting food crops. In the construction industry they are used for insulation, sound proofing and textile reinforced concrete while the applications for civil engineering include drainage systems, road, rail or runway foundations and in the construction of banks of waterways. End use functions in clothing include protection from environmental hazards such as cold, heat, bacterial contamination, electricity and it can also be designed to be highly visible for night time usage.

The looms that produce these fabrics work with a range of yarns and fibres that may vary from heavy dense materials to the finest of filaments. Apart from natural fibres, modern fabrics also include the use of carbon, glass or even metal strands, all of which are woven at a specific density, tension and pattern to achieve the desired performance criteria. While the production of some technical woven fabrics can be achieved with the modification of existing looms, other textiles have required extensive weaving innovations that have resulted in air-jet and rapier machines.

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