Tents are a product of the technical and industrial textiles industry. This is because a modern tent manufacturer will be focussed on supplying products with lightweight coverings that are nonetheless sufficiently robust to withstand regular handling. Like other outdoors fabrics used in consumer products, tent material must also be waterproof and breathable, in common with things like functional textiles and membranes. The outer part of a tent, or fly sheet, is usually the most durable and needs to withstand the rigours of nature. On the inside, comfort and the ability to breathe are more desirable properties of tents, where nets and technical woven fabrics are more noticeably used for inner tents. The wholesale tent industry caters for ultra-lightweight one or two man hiking tents, which can be put up with little effort, to much larger frame tents which can accommodate a dozen or so people. Sometimes, a tent manufacturer will have modular components to their products, so more than one tent can be connected together, or other products, such as gazebos or wind shelters can be added. Suppliers for all kinds of tent appliances are available at productpilot.com.

An essential component of any camping trip, the wholesale tent sector generally supplies camping retailers. Most consumers purchase their camping equipment from a specialist tent supplier who can offer advice as to the best model to select, based on budget, location of use and size. Along with the material, new tents are supplied with poles and pegs. For weight considerations, poles are generally made of carbon fibre, or a similar material, and pegs are constructed from a lightweight metal like aluminium. All sorts of tents and tent technologies are waiting to be discovered at productpilot.com, the platform for new products and professionals in the industry.

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