Suitcases, like travel bags and backpacks, come in many colours, styles and sizes. Unlike soft luggage items, however, suitcases are frequently manufactured in a rectangular form. Hard shell, soft shell, rigid or expandable, suitcases may vary in dimension, but not in basic shape. Modern technology and better materials have allowed the suitcases manufacturer to create lighter and more secure travel luggage. Whilst many aspects of the wholesale suitcase have evolved, the familiar suitcase form remains more or less unchanged. Thanks to the addition of multi-directional spinner wheels and extendable handles, the wholesale suitcase has been transformed. No longer a cumbersome object, dragged with difficulty through airport terminals, it now glides and manoeuvres with ease.

A suitcases manufacturer will produce suitcases for all types of travel, though suppliers can be found at To save time at airports, the business suitcase is small enough to be carried as hand luggage. It may be equipped with two or four wheels and also act as briefcase and laptop bag. Robust and smart in appearance, this style of wholesale suitcase allows all items for a trip to be conveniently packed in one piece of luggage. Cabin size suitcases are also a popular choice for weekend getaways and for those who like to travel light. Unlike business suitcases, they can be bright in colour or boldly patterned. Designer suitcases may be ultra-modern in appearance or adopt a vintage style.

For longer trips and for family travel, something more substantial in volume is required. Fortunately, a typical suitcases manufacturer on will offer models in a choice of sizes. A luggage set is often the most practical solution for a family and for those whose holidays vary in duration.

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