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The sector of the economy that covers threads, yarns, fibers and fabrics is part of the textiles industry and closely related to other areas such as geotextiles and protective fabrics. Along with supplying the likes of haberdashery shops and other retailers, the business-to-business side of the industry means supplying large scale materials and threads to the clothing industry. Much of the sector focuses on production facilities where clothes, such as jumpers, coats and shirts are made, though there are many other areas of interest where yarns are put to use, too, such as home textiles.

The developments in the world of fabrics in are astounding, leaving this industry by no means limited to the production of clothing. Man-made fibers of all kinds are also used in the interiors of vehicles, in floor coverings and in bedding, to name but a few instances. Designer products, such as luggage and vanity cases, are further items which require an affluent supply of man-made fibers to maintain standards of production. With uprising trends favouring rustically designed furniture and household decoration, locating good wicker wholesalers is a must for companies working in furniture supplies. The fibre industry is constantly developing longer lasting and more durable products, not to mention environmentally friendly, so keeping up-to-date with the current developments is essential.

Anyone who is looking for the latest technology in threads and fibers so that they can develop them into new materials can find the right suppliers or service provider at A platform which allows buyers to find manufacturers of superb new yarns, connects people and, consequently, products. In this sector, it is possible to find yarn producers of all sorts, including fiber manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. Likewise, the producers of threads of all kinds used for making anything from clothing to upholstery can be discovered.

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ALTERFIL handstitch

ALTERFIL handstitch ...the thread for AMF and Conti-Complett seams sewing thread...


3d Weaving

3D Weaving is a family business (SME) specialized in the production of 3D woven...



ALTERFIL L400... ...the thread for filigree and high-quality seams sewing thread...


4 M Plants SRL

4M Plants Srl is an established company specialized in manufacturing bespoke extrusion...



ALTERFIL S ... permanently smooth and pucker-free seams high-quality Core-yarn...


Abhilash Enterprises

Abhilash Enterprises came into existence in the year 1995, as a Manufacturer & Exporter...


Aluminum foil/film laminated fiberglass fabrics

Aluminum foil/film laminated fiberglass fabrics The combination of laminating an aluminum...


Aim Filtertech Pvt. Ltd.

Aim Filtertech Pvt. Ltd (AFPL) is into  manufacturing and converting of nonwovens...

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