Fabrics are most easily categorised as natural, synthetic and blended. They are used in the production of other goods, such as clothing and upholstery. The fibres used by a fabric manufacturer in the creation of wholesale fabric determine the various aesthetic and functional qualities of the fabric, plus its suitability in the production of specific products. Suppliers of a wide variety of fabrics can be found using productpilot.com.

Popular furnishing fabrics include cotton, linen and silk. Used to make curtains, cushions, blinds, loose covers and other light upholstery, these fabrics might be plain, patterned, checked or striped. Upholstery fabrics utilise traditional materials, as well as innovative new ones, in order to create attractive and durable materials resistant to daily wear and tear. Fashionable fabrics are influenced by seasonal colour trends, meaning it is vital for the fabric supplier or fabric manufacturer to regularly introduce new products with a varied colour palette that sustain customer interest. Designer furnishing and upholstery fabrics often use artisanal production methods to produce luxury fabrics with striking patterns and colourways.

Woven fabrics include craft materials such as cotton, burlap, muslin and canvas that are used for a variety of arts and crafts, including quilting and embroidery. Technical and performance fabrics are the domain of the specialist fabric supplier or manufacturer. Lightweight, reflective, breathable and waterproof, these fabrics have not only revolutionised sportswear and workwear, but fashion wear too. Apparel fabrics range from the exceptionally elastic, such as lycra, to the extremely rigid, such as heavyweight selvedge denim. Machine spun or hand woven on traditional looms, a fabric manufacturer somewhere will be producing wholesale fabric that meets the specific production requirements of the buyer. Find out where on productpilot.com.

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CEREX Nylon 6,6 Spunbond Fabric

CEREX brand spunbond nonwoven products are produced using a proprietary gas phase...


Aim Filtertech Pvt. Ltd.

Aim Filtertech Pvt. Ltd (AFPL) is into  manufacturing and converting of nonwovens...


NyStat 50 Static Dissipative Fabric

Provides excellent conductivity in the 20,000 to 50,000 ohm range using a durable...


ALTEX Gronauer Filz GmbH & Co. KG

ALTEX is a family-owned company active on the global stage in various markets and industry...


PBN-II and Orion Thermally Bonded Spunbond Fabrics

Our PBN-II and Orion thermally bonded nylon 6,6 spunbond fabrics provide great strength...


AMES Europe b.v.

Ames Europe offers solutions with knitted technical fabrics in demanding markets...


Tent fabric

Tent fabric 1.    Base fabric:500D*500D 28*28 Weight:500gsm 550gsm Both-side acrylic...


Anowo Ltd.

anowo ltd. is the European partner of CEREX Advanced Fabrics Inc. and exclusive...

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