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Designer items for textile products come in many forms. In common with designer items for home textiles, the designer fabrics wholesale sector is aimed at the luxury end of the market. Unlike mass market textile accessories, designer items for fabrics tend to be made to a high specification and with top quality materials. Made with longevity in mind, designer fabrics are often conceptualised to provide elegant appearances which complement other looks. Often used with clothing, the designer fabrics wholesale market also includes wall coverings, luxury linens, towelling and even floor coverings, in some cases. Designer items for fabrics like these include embroidered designs which add value to a particular product, and companies can locate the product suppliers they need at In many cases, designers stitch in their own logo or strap line into a fabric-based product, however, all manner of sewn in accessories can be added, including designer buttons and tassels.

Although the wholesale side of the designer items for fabrics market makes accessories which are sewn into products that are then subsequently sold on as finished designer products, some are sold unfinished. These accessories tend to reach their market via specialist retailers, such as haberdashery shops. Hessian, denim, cotton, felt, suede, silk and leather are all common materials to make such designer accessories which can be applied individually or collectively to fabrics to make them unique. They are often used with clothing, but also make adornments for blinds, table cloths, curtains, rugs and so on. Many designer fabrics are adorned with specialist embellishments for reasons of fashion. Some of the trendiest items include shisha sequins, mirrors, satin roses and crochet beading. Keep up to date with all of the latest designer products and fabric styles from traders at

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