Interlaid Scrims

Interlaid scrims can refer to two different fabrics in textiles & clothing, though both are essentially the same woven material. In one case, interlaid scrims are lightweight and used considerably in theatre, whereas in the other case they interlaid scrims are heavy and course, and used for things like canvas making, or reinforcement in construction. The scrim itself is a material, often sold in sheets or strips from suppliers at, that is made from many woven fibres and can be likened to a net in appearance. In this net-like design, the thickness of the fibres and the spacing between them is the main determining factor in what a particular scrim is useful for.

One example at the lighter end of the scrim spectrum is gauze, which is made from very light materials such as cotton, or flax, and is popular in curtain making, upholstery, and bookbinding. Gauzes can also be used as a filter in certain situations. Another type of scrim with larger spaces between the fibres is a bobbinet, which is woven in such a way that it creates an effect of hexagonal holes, and is used in theatre to produce certain lighting effects. The ability to make a scrim translucent makes it ideal for many clothing applications that involve covering the face, such as protective bee-keeping gear, not to mention areas where being translucent isn't important, such as the inner layer of a waterproof garment which acts as a buffer between the wearer and the non–breathable material of the garment. With products that cover such a wide scope like interlaid scrims, there is always a lot to keep track of, with many sellers and suppliers using to keep ahead of trade.

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