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BJB is all about light

Our products are in use day in, day out almost everywhere in the world because a life without artificial light is no longer conceivable. Our LED light sources, our connection technology, our wiring and test systems are among the best in the lighting industry, as are our lighting fixtures for domestic appliances.

To enable us to understand and meet the requirements of our customers in every corner of the world, BJB has eight subsidiaries as well as representatives in over 70 countries. In total, BJB employs approximately 700 people worldwide.

BJB places emphasis on constant innovation and today produces more than 2,000 different articles. The research and development department creates a great variety of new products each year and liaise with clients to re-engineer existing products. In this way the products are accurately tailored for the intended application. More than 500 million products are produced annually. In addition to development and production, an internal tool shop, safety inspection and quality management are also areas that BJB places particular emphasis on.

Early specialization, huge innovative energy and a worldwide presence make BJB a world leader for a multitude of components.



Technology for Light

Components - Optics - Automation


  • LED fixing solutions

  • COB Connectors

  • Solutions for linear and Spot-Downlight applications

  • LED modules

  • SMD terminal blocks

  • Optics

  • Reflectors

  • Urban Farming

  • Automation solutions for efficient lighting assembly and production



Light+Building 2018

18.03.2018 - 23.03.2018 展厅: 4.0 展位 : B 12